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@Leisure - Vol-47

Srei Advantage
Srei’s skill development and educational empowerment initiatives

Education is the key to empowerment. Srei has taken a number of initiatives to make education more accessible to those who are devoid of its benefits. Pupils have the chance to use what they learn to break free from the cycle of poverty and get started on the road to empowerment and self-sufficiency. Srei’s stress on education comes from the philosophy that there is a need to break the vicious cycle in which poverty is equated with manual labour.

A push for schools: Srei Foundation and Suryodaya Trust have been jointly managing two schools in Kolkata at Santoshpur and Birati. These schools have over 700 students and 50 teachers. Most of the pupils are from underprivileged backgrounds. The Chief Patron of the Suryodaya Schools and a keen educationist, Sunita Kanoria, takes a personal interest in the running of these schools. A very nominal monthly and admission fee is charged for these schools. Srei Foundation has also adopted 15 one-teacher schools in 15 locations in the Gaya District of Bihar. These schools serve the students living in remote tribal communities.

Helping out with scholarships: Srei Foundation provides a number of scholarships to students worldwide. At the St. James School in London, it provides financial assistance to Sanskrit so that the schools can teach this ancient Indian language. Srei India Scholarship Fund initiated in collaboration with Boston University provides a scholarship of USD 50,000 to students from across the globe so that they can study at the university. This scholarship has been given out for a number of years already. In India, Srei Foundation works with different social organisations to help meritorious students pursue their dreams of higher education. Srei Foundation has so far helped 81 such students and provided financial assistance to 48 students through different educational institutions. The foundation has also sponsored education for 100 students of the Ramakrishna Mission. Other schools that have received aid include a school for the blind in Kulti, a girls’ higher secondary school, AC institution Higher Secondary School, Sodepur Colliery High School and Shibpore Workshop Free Primary School.

Tools for Learning: India Power has supported school students by providing them withprinters, computers, water purifiers, etc. 150 students of the Kulti Grace Blind School can now use the facility of a bus that ferries differently-abled students in the Dishergarh,Sanctoria, Barakar and Kulti areas. The Institute for Inspiration and Self Development (IISD) is another Srei Foundation initiative in partnership with the British educational institution and A-One Choice International, which undertakes educational training initiatives in the state of West Bengal. Madhulika Kanoria, the Vice Chairman of IISD, has played an important role in the introduction of PGDM courses, which are affiliated to All India Management Association.

Srei Foundation has taken a broad approach to education. Its programmes target not only the economic upliftment of the pupils whose lives it touches, but is also aimed at providing a chance to break free of the restrictions imposed by geography and background.

Buddy Quiz

1) Suryodaya Schools mainly serve underprivileged areas of …………
a. Bengaluru
b. Pune
c. Ahmedabad
d. Kolkata

2) Srei Foundation supports Sanskrit education at St. James School in …………….
a. London
b. Amsterdam
c. Cologne
d. Edinburgh

3) Srei Foundation has also adopted ……. one-teacher schools in ……. locations in the Gaya District of Bihar.
a. 15, 17
b. 14, 16
c. 15, 15
d. 16, 15

Answer:1 – d; 2 – a; 3 – c;