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How to invest with Srei

In accordance with CBDT Notification, Charitable and Religious Trusts can now invest any proportion of their investment corpus in debt instruments offered by an IFC registered with the Reserve Bank of India. Srei Infrastructure Finance being an IFC, can offer efficient products such as NCDs, CPs, etc. and cater to your investment requirements. You can choose any of the investment routes:

Public Issue:

In this method the NCDs are sold to the public at large in the primary market. Bids are collected from investors and the NCDs are listed in the stock exchanges. The NCDs are offered through a window of fixed duration as an Initial Public Offer (IPO).

Private Placement:

In this process NCDs are offered to a small set of clients through few distributors, with the investor usually being directly addressed by the issuer as regulations do not permit companies to advertise or market these bonds.