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Charitable & Religious Trusts

Bonds & Fixed Income Solutions for Trusts and Section 25 Companies.

Charitable and religious organizations have distinctive needs and therefore face complex financial challenges. While operating a trust brings many rewards, it often requires making do with a disciplined fiscal budget and that means managing your investments efficiently is essential. At Srei Infrastructure Finance, we recognize the need to optimize investments while preserving spirited, philanthropic legacies. That is why you receive an investment solution tailored for your organization’s needs. Our Trust and specialized services experts share one goal: ensuring the perpetuity, growth and financial efficiency of your organization.

Founded on service, we are especially proud to help those who contribute to the community. We can help your organization meet the growing demand for investment efficiency in an increasingly challenging time for charitable organizations: foundations, educational institutions, health care and environmental organizations, religious and cultural organizations and agencies for historic interest and social service.