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Know About NCD’s

A company can raise money for the purpose of carrying on its business by either issuing shares and/or taking loans and resorting to borrowings. The companies may use different ways to raise loans like they may take a loan from a bank, financial institutions, raise money from abroad, or take a loan from the public. The loan can be taken as a deposit repayable between 6 months to 36 months at a fixed/floating rate of interest payable on maturity or fixed periodical intervals....

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How to plan an investment?

Before making an investment plan ask yourself the right questions, and patiently work through the answers. Your investment plan is a detailed description of all the major components of your investment strategy. In order to structure a plan that is right, it is important to understand what you want to accomplish with the investments.

Make a financial Plan

What are the things you want to save and invest for?

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